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According to records, there were four brothers who came to America as Palantine Immigrants aboard the ship Queen Elizabeth. They arrived in Philadelphia, PA. on Sept. 16 1738. Their names:

- Ernest Sharp-1699
- George Sharp-1702
- Isaac Sharp-1712*
- Jno Sharp-1722

*Isaac Sharp was Louise's ancestor. He was born 1712 and died 1783 in Lancaster, PA. He married Margaret A. Webber in 1738 in East Hanover Twp., Lancaster County, PA. She was born around 1716. Isaac and Margaret were the parents of four children:

- Henry*
- Margaret
- Barbara
- John

*Henry Sharp was Louise's ancestor. He was born around May 31, 1740 and lived in Lancaster County, PA. He died on Dec. 11, 1827, in Belfast Twp, Bedford Co. PA. Henry married Jane Bewe (Bever) in 1771. She died in Belfast Twp., Bedford County, PA, on November 18, 1849. She lived to be almost 100. Henry and Jane were the parents of eight children:

-Hannah (Pittman)
-Henry Jr.*
-Mary (Straight)

Hannah married Richard Pittman
Henry Jr.* married Margaret Straight (Strait)
Matthew married Margaret Hill
Joseph married Barbara George
Margaret married Henry Straight (brother to Margaret?) George married Mary Denny
Samuel married Mary (?)

*Henry Sharp Jr. was Louise's ancestor. He was born around 1778 in Matrick Twp. Lancaster County, PA. He died on September 11, 1872, in Washington Twp. PA. Henry married Margaret Strait, born around 1780 in Bedford County, Belfast Twp. Margaret died between 1850 and 1860, according to the 1860 census in Washington Twp. Cambria County, PA. Henry Jr. and Margaret were the parents of five children:

-Lavina (Brown)
-Richard Henry*

William married Theresa Lilly
Lavina married John Brown
Richard Henry* married Charity Carland
David married Winifred Bamrich
Isadore married Agatha Hanna

*Richard Henry Sharp was Louise's ancestor. He was born September 15, 1822 and died April 17, 1863. He is buried at St. Aloysius R.C cemetery in Cresson, PA. Richard married Charity Carland on October 16, 1846 at St. Aloysius R.C. Church, Cresson, PA. Charity was born on June 2, 1825 in Loretto, PA. They lived in Lilly (Washington Twp.) PA. Charity died February 17, 1892 and is buried in St Michael Cemetery, Loretto, PA. Richard served in the Mexican War 1846-1848. He died of malaria, supposedly contracted during this war. Richard Henry and Charity were the parents of ten children:

-Lucy (Beech)
-Mary (Doran)
-Catherine (Criste)
-John W.*
-Margaret (Bradley)
-Ellen (Meyers)
-Mariah (Endress)

Henry died when he was 11 years old
Lucy married George Beech
Mary married James Doran
Catherine married William. J. Criste
John W.* married Elizabeth Farren
David married Kate Roup
Margaret married James Bradley
Ellen married Steven Myers
Mariah married Frank Endress
Joseph married Elizabeth Fogle

*John W. Sharp was Louise's ancestor (grandfather). He was born on August 25, 1855 and died August 25, 1922 on his farm in Chest Springs, Cambria County, PA. He is buried, with his wife, at St. Monica R.C. Cemetery in Chest Springs. John married Elizabeth Farren on February 14, (Valentines day), 1881 at St. Bartholmew R.C. Church in Wilmore, PA. She was born September 2, 1862, in Wilmore, Cambria County, PA. John W. and Elizabeth were the parents of nine children:

-Julia (Eckenrode)
-Agnes (Glass)
-Alice* (McCartney)
-Rose (Weaver)
-Mary (Cable)
(Warner, Hupfer)

Julia T. married John Eckenrode,
Agnes C. married Clair Glass,
Margaret A., single
Richard H. married Marie Green,
Alice Rebecca* married Hugh J. McCartney
Rose E. married Nick(?) Harry Weaver
Mary married Frank Cable
John E. (Unk)
Elnora E. married Rudy Warner and Ben Hupfer

*Alice Rebecca Sharp was Louise's Mother. She was born on January 27, 1890 and died December 31, 1986 at her home in The Mountain House Grounds, Cresson, PA. Alice married Hugh J. McCartney on August 24, 1915, at St Francis Xavier R.C. Church, in Cresson, PA. Alice Rebecca and Hugh were the parents of eleven children:

-Mildred Catherine
-William J.
-Rose Mary
-Margaret Elizabeth
-Veronica Agnes
-Cecelia Christine
-Louise Alice* (twin)
-Loretta Theresa (twin)
-Mary Ellen
-Lillian Ruth
-James Brady

Mildred Catherine married Gorman Pritchard
William J. married Mary Catherine Rudolph
Rose Mary married James McDermott
Margaret Elizabeth married Albert Kovachik
Veronica Agnes married Len Lewis
Cecelia Christine married Francis L. Looney
Louise Alice* married Edward Frederick
Loretta Theresa married Edward C. Yarnish
Mary Ellen married Beryl C. Miller
Lillian Ruth married Jesse W. Lewis
James Brady married Ellen McGovern


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